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Lakhiram Ji

About Lakhiram Basliyal (Yoga Teacher)


Lakhiram is one of the best and talanted meditation teacher in Rishikesh. He was born in Himalayan Village and was dedicated for yoga. He completed his education in Himalayan Yoga Institute in Haridwar and choose meditation as main subject. Since 7 years he is teaching in different schools in Rishikesh meditation, mantra, kirtan.

Starting his career as an asana teacher Lakhiram long time was focusing on teaching asana. After some teaching yoga teacher training programs in Himalaya, he started to practice pranayama and meditation. Reaching the level of pratyahara he discovered different world of meditation and inner balance. That makes him addicted to spontaneous retention and further discover of deeper meditation state. Lakhiram is teaching concentration lead the students to meditative state by using variety of methods in combnation of asana, pranayama, mantra and many others.