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Sandeep Semwal

About Sandeep Semwal (Yoga teacher, Acharya)


Yogi Sandeep Semwal (yogaacharya ) is a master of yoga in traditional hatha, ashtanga, pranayama & meditation styles. Sandeep born in lap of Himalaya and came in Rishikesh at age of 9. Since childhood he lived in different Ashrams in north India and learned Yoga from himalayan masters. He is practicing yoga more then last 12 years. Yoga is his lifestyle thats way he decided to dedicate himself to it. After completion of master degree (yogaacharya) in yoga  in Sanskrit University of Uttarakhand he started to share his knowledge to his students. In fee time Sandeep used to go to spiritual place in Kedarnath and Badrinath to balance his energy and develop more in his practice. He is very polite and passionate teacher, he can teach either beginners or advanced students as well.