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What Is Ayurveda Training Course?

This course includes knowledge about basic ayurvedic herbs, identification of doshas, massage techniques, pulse diagnostic, ayurvedic cooking skills, common diseases and their treatment with ayurvedic methods.

What I Will Be Able To Do After 200 Hours Ayurveda Training Course?

After this course you will be able to give ayurvedic massage, perform doshas identification, suggest ayurvedic herbs to your clients, get basic skills about herbal treatment, cook basic Ayurveda meal

Can I Get Qualification Of Ayurvedic Doctor?

No, this qualification should be done in Ayurvdic university during 5 years of education

How I Can Use Ayurveda In My Yoga Class?

You can implement simple massage techniques, give asana practice according to dosha type, suggest some ayurvedic herbs for support of common disorders and diseases

What Is Panchakarma?

Panchakarma is traditional purification techniques of ancient indian medical system. It includes: preparation (poorvakarma), panchakarma itself and paschatkarma (post panchakarma treatment)

What Does Panchakarma Itself Includes?


  • Vamana (medicated and controlled emesis with ayrvedic decoctions).
  • Virechana (medicated and controlled purgation).
  • Basti (medicated herbal enema).
  • Shirodhara ( oil head treatment).
  • Udvartana, Potali, Pizhil – Specilal ayurvedic whole body massage (different from preparation period).
  • Kati & Manya basti, Shirobasti, Akshi Tarpanam, karna purna- Special local therapy with warm oil ( if indicated ).
  • Nasya – oleation of nasal cavity for respiratory tract treatment.
  • Special ayurvedic menu & beverages.


Can I Take Yoga Classes With Panchakarma Treatment?

No, generally it’s not possible. Panchakarma is a deep detox of the body, some people can feel very tired and exhausted that’s way any kind of physical exercises are contraindicated.You can if you feel well go to meditation or yoga philosophy class.

Does Panchakarma Has Negative Effect Or Contraindication?

As every therapy method there are possible side effects & contraindications. Before arriving to India you can send us inquiry abour your problem that we can assess the potential indication in your case. But the final assessment and consultation will be done by the personal individual consulation in rishikesh.

Which Kind Of Diseases Could Be Treated With Using Of Panchakarma?

Gastrointestinal diseases:digestive disorder, increased acidity, constipation, colitis, hemorrhoids, different types of hepatitis, ulcer, irritable bowel syndrome

Cardiac disorders: hypertension, coronary/blood circulation disorders, hyperlipidemia

Respiratory diseases: sinusitis, cough, cold allergy, asthma bronchiales

Joint problems: arthritis, spondylitis, Gout /podagra/,

Excretory system diseases: renal calculus /kidney stone/, prostatitis, other renal disorders;

Dermatological diseases: psoriasis, eczema, hair loss, skin pustules;

Women`diseases: irregular periods, cysts, fibroma, sterility, menopause, state after chemotherapy and operations by the ovarian cancer, breast cancer

Children’s diseases: lowered immunity, flu with cough, malnutrition, attention deficit while studying;;

Psychological disorders: addiction, depression, insomnia, anxiety, bulimia, anorexia

Movement disorders: paralysis, consequences from brain apoplexy.

There are many other health problems and disorders, which we have not mentioned, that can be treated and healed due to the huge range of ayurvedic medicines.