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300 Hour Online Yoga Teacher Training

Enjoy cherished practices, lovely sea swims, beach meditation, and breathtaking sunsets as you take in the sights and sounds of this sublime place. Live a dreamy, balanced yogic lifestyle here.

It is the ideal haven away from the contemporary world where one can truly appreciate what it means to live a holistic lifestyle because it was designed to be a place of growth and healing. We shall assemble in the revered yoga home to form a heavenly community.

You would investigate the yoga way using custom, transparency, and deliberate action. Yoga is letting go of the stuff that makes us suffer and cultivating the things that make life easier and happier.

This program would guide you as you study from the crude to the finer aspects of practice and instruction. To direct and be directed by the ancient wisdom that has elegance and majesty all on its own, we will explore the deeper depths of yoga, diving into the practices of Ayurveda, Asana, Pranayama, Mantra, Mudra, and Sacred gifts.

We explore the landscapes of our systems and patterns and start to identify the subtleties and concrete steps that assist us in finding our way to more meaningful and rewarding life practices, as well as those of the students who study with us.

Use the opportunity to combine work and on line study-

DurationStudy DaysFree DayFormatPrice
27 DaysMonday-SaturdaySundayOnline Live Classes Or1050 USD
On Live Plus Pre-Recordered850 USD
27 DaysFriday To SundayMonday To ThursdayOnline Live Classes Or1050 USD
On Live Plus Pre-Recordered850 USD

Benefits Of 300 Hour Online Yoga TTC In Rishikesh India


  • learning from orogianal  indian yoga master online
  • save of money for flight, meal & accommodation
  • study from home or work place
  • combine work with yoga education
  • balance your body & mind
  • learn yoga from origin & stay in safe conditions
  • pre-recorderd and live classes
  • have access to classes records 24 hrs and save in own computer
  • choose suitable schedule according your requrments


300 Hour On Line Yoga Teacher Training Course Is Suitable For


  • intermediate, advanced practitioner.
  • For people who have desire to learn yoga deeper
  • For meditation, fitness & wellness instructors
  • For medical and education staff


What You Learn In 300 Hour Online Yoga Teacher Training Course


  • Asanas according Hatha and Ashtanga Style
  • Adjustment & Alignemnt with Iyengar Style
  • Pranayama, Meditation
  • Yoga Philosophy
  • Yoga Anatomy & Physiology
  • Yoga therapy
  •  Ayurveda
  • Asana Alignment and adjustment
  • Yogic cleansing (Shatkarma)
  • Teaching Methodology
  • Practicum & Sequencing

300 Hour Online Yoga Teacher Training Schedule In Rishikesh 2022-23

CourseStarting DateEnding dateBooking
300 Hour Online Yoga Teacher Training Courses01-01-202327-01-2023Booked
300 Hour Online Yoga Teacher Training Courses01-02-202327-02-2023Booked
300 Hour Online Yoga Teacher Training Courses01-02-202327-02-2023Apply Now
300 Hour Online Yoga Teacher Training Courses01-03-202327-03-2023Apply Now
300 Hour Online Yoga Teacher Training Courses01-04-202327-04-2023Apply Now
300 Hour Online Yoga Teacher Training Courses01-05-202327-05-2023Apply Now
300 Hour Online Yoga Teacher Training Courses01-06-202327-06-2023Apply Now
300 Hour Online Yoga Teacher Training Courses01-07-202327-07-2023Apply Now
300 Hour Online Yoga Teacher Training Courses01-08-202327-08-2023Apply Now
300 Hour Online Yoga Teacher Training Courses01-09-202327-09-2023Apply Now
300 Hour Online Yoga Teacher Training Courses01-10-202327-10-2023Apply Now
300 Hour Online Yoga Teacher Training Courses01-11-202327-11-2023Apply Now
300 Hour Online Yoga Teacher Training Courses01-12-202327-12-2023Apply Now
300 Hour Online Yoga Teacher Training Courses01-01-202427-01-2024Apply Now

NOTE:- If 01st is Sunday then class will be start on 02nd.


  • Internal valid Certificate of Yoga Teacher of Yoga Alliance USA
  • Theoretical and practical skills.
  • Study materials

Optional For Extra Payment

  • shipping of Certificate per DHL (ariund 50 USD)

Time Table (Timing Depend On Your Time Zone)

  • Asana hatha/ashtanga, vinyasa
  • Pranayama
  • Meditation
  • Yoga Philosophy
  • Yoga therapy
  • Ayurveda
  • Yoga anatomy & Physiology
  • Asana alignment & Adjustment
  • Practicum & teaching methodology


About 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

For anyone who has finished a 200-hour yoga teacher training program and is now looking to delve deeply into levels of yoga, yogic insight, and practice, our 300-hour yoga teacher training in USA course is excellent. To become a registered practitioner, you must have completed a 200-hour certification program and possess a foundational understanding of yoga. Several yoga teachers participate in the 300-hour yoga teacher training, which is essentially an enhanced form of the beginner’s stage with a more rigorous practice that yields a more profound comprehension and understanding of Yogic wisdom and intelligence.

Whatever your motivation, this course is the perfect one to enroll in if you’re trying to grow personally, broaden your professional horizons, improve your teaching knowledge and abilities, or share your expertise with others. The 300-hour Yoga Teacher Training Program is entirely worthwhile for learning, practicing, and understanding yoga better. This training is a fantastic method to change your life and advance your mental progress.

Who can come?

  • Accomplished 200 hours of yoga teacher training at a school recognized by the Yoga Alliance.
  • As skilled enough to maintain simple poses for at least one minute
  • To keep joints and back healthy, perform 20 to 30 Sun Salutations daily.
  • Sufficient core strength to continually do 15 to 20 double leg lifts.
  • Lung capacity to perform two separate 30-minute sessions of pranayama for at least an hour each day.
  • Basic understanding of human anatomy and physiology, physical endurance to bear the intensity of a 10-hour workday, psychologically developed to handle the group’s emotional ups and downs, and cultural diversity
  • Inclined to observe silence between 10 p.m. and 10 a.m.


Who can not come?

  • Blood pressure is high.
  • Any medical issues linked to the heart or the brain
  • Any past neck, shoulder, or knee injuries (or any eight major joints, in fact)
  • Any prior traumas or illnesses involving the spine or persistent back pain
  • Pregnants
  • Please remind us before registering if you have any other persistent or severe health issues.


What benefits could you expect from a comprehensive yoga teacher training retreat in the USA?

    • Surya Namaskar: Perform at least 20 or 30 rounds to improve your breathing and your joints and core for more advanced positions. Cleansing the body, breath, and mind.
    • Advanced Asanas: The morning yoga class is conducted by qualified staff and concentrates on holding intermediate to advanced asanas for extended periods to study body-breath-mind at a deeper level.
    • Anatomy & Sequencing Principles: Depending on the student’s level, more advanced asanas and their variants will be taught during morning practice rounds and afternoon workshops.
  • Pranayamas: Perform two 20–30 minute pranayama sessions daily to become proficient in the basic pranayamas and to execute and instruct more difficult pranayamas while using bandhas properly.
  • Philosophy: Depending on the philosophical background of the class, either one or both subjects—Bhagavad-Gita for Daily Life and Patanjali Yoga Sutras—will be discussed. Depending on student interest and time flexibility, some Advanced Yoga Teacher Training provides reading and writing instruction in Sanskrit.
  • Kriyas: Students who are prepared can try out Sutra Neti and Shanka Prakshalana in the final week of the course after practicing Jala Neti, Kapalabhati/Bhastrika, and Agnisara regularly.
  • Learning mediation and Nidra methods: so you can use them yourself or pass them on to your upcoming pupils.
  • Teaching Experience: Every learner would be able to instruct a small group of four or five other students in at least two to four classes: Intermediate, Advanced, and workshops based on chakras. Our knowledgeable instructors will keep an eye on these classes and offer adjustments and ideas.
  • Ayurveda & Yoga Therapy: An introduction to Ayurvedic notions beyond what yoga anatomy could teach us about the physical body and psyche. Additionally, our yoga therapy workshops teach you about the risks associated with particular asanas and how students learn who have common illnesses like high blood pressure, diabetes, or asthma.
  • Chanting: Mastering a couple of additional Sanskrit Prayers you can chant in class.
  • Vital Point: 300-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Program


We would teach primary serious for the first two weeks of our 300-hour yoga teacher training course and intermediate series for the final two weeks.Our course covers advanced yoga practice, asanas, pranayama, philosophy, anatomy, physiology, yoga therapy, and other topics.Yoga is the best way to discover about life, so those serious about doing so are welcome to take classes in it.

Although the Asana practices are physically demanding, the course has been intelligently structured to balance it with meditation and pranayama techniques.Additionally, it is advised that students begin integrating yoga into their daily routines before the session.

Course Details


  • In the 300-hour Yoga Teacher Training Course, we educate our students step-by-step through the entire conventional sequencing of Ashtanga yoga, which consists of the following:
  • Week 1: Primary series practice with instructor guidance and Mysore-style training.
  • Week 2: The halfway point of the intermediate series.
  • Week 3: The instructor-led entire intermediate series.
  • Mysore-style intermediate series and teaching practice in week four.
  • The primary series will be reviewed in the first week, and then the intermediate series will be vigorously practiced the following week.



  • Description and advantages Flowing Vedansha
  • How to create a Vedansha Flow routine
  • Peak poses with Vedansha flow
  • Vedansha flow breathing: its significance
  • How to cue/instruct the Vedansha flow for various practitioners’ skill levels
  • Students will be required to plan their flow and teach the 200-hour class during the last week of the course.


2 – Asana


  • Introduction to the Yog Darshan (Yoga Philosophy) and its development
  • Details of the Patanjali Yoga Sutras
  • Detailing Nadis (Ida, Pingala, and Sushumna)
  • Detail on chakras
  • Vayus and Panchakoshas are two of the eight Ashtanga Yoga Pancha limbs.
  • Accounts of yogis’ lives (Inspiring stories).



  • Anatomy of applied yoga in the introduction
  • Anatomical basis for Asana
  • Introduction of movements to a skeleton system: the importance
  • Recognizing joint flexibility and its limitations.
  • An overview of the muscular system
  • Details of muscle contractions
  • Muscle tightness, tension, strength, and weakness.
  • A thorough understanding of flexibility and strength.
  • A method for relaxing the muscles, muscular coordination, and bandhas
  • System of muscles and bones
  • Musculoskeletal system.
  • Anatomical investigation of a posture or exercise.
  • The yogic method of circulation and breathing.



  • Overview and advantages of pranayama
  • Introduction of mudras and positions for meditation
  • Introduction of Kumbakhas and bandhas (breath retention)
  • The exchange of information and frequent practice of the breathing techniques listed below:
  • Breathing through the diaphragm, clavicle, and thorax
  • Ujjayi, Bhastrika, Kapalbhati, and Surya-Bhedi: Yogic Breathing
  • Chandra – Bhedi, Sheetali, and Sheetkari; Nadi – Sodhana; Bhramari;



  • Jalaneti\sRubber-neti\sEye-cleansing
  • Kapalbhati: lung purification
  • Kunjal: stomach purification
  • Shankprakshalan
  • Daviti Kriya



  • How to organize a course
  • How to establish an optimum sequence by coordinating your breathing and posture
  • How to change
  • How to work with pupils of various levels
  • How to cue/instruct pupils at multiple levels
  • Fostering friendly relationships, aware communication, and trust
  • Management of time
  • Concepts of presentation and observation are among a teacher’s qualities.
  • Helping and readjusting the postures
  • Voice use in class
  • Preparing mentally and emotionally before teaching
  • Preparing for class
  • Planning the class structure step by step.



  • Basics and the requirement for Body posture in yoga poses
  • alignment of many postures, including standing, sitting, extending backward or forwards, twisting, and inverted postures
  • Alignment justification includes.
  • How to adopt the position.
  • Adequate Alignment
  • Common errors and safety precautions
  • Contraindication
  • Benefits Modifications
  • Verbal modifications



  • The significance of meditation tips for enhancing focus and minimizing interruptions during meditation.
  • Various meditation methods, including Om/Mantra Meditation Trataka Dynamic meditation
  • The practice of silent meditation Buddhist meditation
  • Japan, Ajapa
  • Atar Mountain
  • Nada Brahma Yog Nidra Meditation



  • Tests for students
  • Writing Exam
  • Practical Asana Test Teaching Vedansha Flow to the Class Attendance, Productivity, and Attitude



  • Acoustic healing
  • Keertan mindfulness
  • surfing yoga
  • Acro yoga
  • Yoga Yin
  • Couples Yoga
  • Class Iyenger

Yoga TTC Advanced 300-Hour Certification

Upon satisfactory course completion, a certificate for 300 hours of yoga teacher training will be given. You could teach yoga anywhere in the world with the help of this credential, making you a renowned yoga instructor. The highest-ranking yoga organizations in the world, Yoga Alliance USA and World Yoga Alliance, are partners with our 300-hour YTTC program. Their worldwide criteria are met and exceeded by the content of our course.

Our school upholds and upholds high standards of yoga and assures the best yogic environment and teaching quality. The curriculum has been developed by the requirements of the Yoga Alliance USA and the World Yoga Alliance, and yoga instructors with certification are teaching the skill-based courses.


Yogi’s Accommodations

Like our physical bodies demand a healthy, secure, and tidy at all times, the soul thrives in a healthy body. Vedansha Yoga Ashram is located in a serene area and is encircled by verdant fields and mountains.Our rooms were created with a yoga teacher training course in mind. The air in our rooms is spacious, too. Our administration is at your disposal to keep your accommodations tidy and sanitary.


Food for Yogi

Food Whatever we consume has an impact on both our physical and mental health. For yogis, eating a well-balanced diet rich in nutrients is crucial. The Yogic Diet is founded on organic renewing, revitalizing, and healing components from the renowned science of Ayurveda.It is the ideal nourishment for supporting aspiring yogis’ minds, bodies, and souls.


All components of the training demand a high level of self-motivation. Yoga requires a significant amount of self-discipline and purity in both practice and teaching. Students need to join all intellectual events, meditation sessions, lectures, and asana courses for the program to be successful.

As they are detrimental to yoga, it is forbidden to consume any of the following during the course: meat, fish, eggs, black tea, coffee, alcohol, tobacco, drugs, and nudity. If students don’t follow the guidelines set forth by the institution, they risk being dropped from the class.

Rules For Students

Both smoking and drinking are completely forbidden within the school. To prevent food waste, you must let the kitchen manager know whether you will be fasting on any given day. Always be on time; if you arrive late, you won’t be able to join the class.

Before leaving the Vedansha Yoga Ashram, clean up your accounting records. Before leaving, return any borrowed items like books, maps, or other items. A student who enrolls in the yoga course can stay at the Vedansha Yoga Ashram. Therefore, friends and family are not eligible for housing; however, they could remain on campus by renting a different room. The student is required to attend all of Vedansha Yoga Ashram’s planned events. Always be on time; if you arrive late, you won’t be able to join the class.


10 – Mantra And Sanskrit

  • Guru Mantra
  • Suriya Mantra
  • Ganesh Mantra
  • Shakti Mantra
  • Gayatri Mantra
  • Shanti Mantra
  • Shiva Mantra
  • Shiva Mantra
  • 5 elements mantra
  • So Ham
  • AUM
  • Lakshmi Mantra
  • Vishnu Mantra
  • Mantra for health
  • Business
  • Children
  • Family
  • Use of Sanskrit terms in yoga class
  • Mantra power by correct and incorrect recitation
  • How to choose mantra for yoga class?
  • Could mantra be recite in own language?